Thursday, April 12, 2007

Filling in the Void

Man, you guys, it has been a whirlwind few weeks here. First Adam ditched. Now Erica has flown away to Thailand for upwards of 8 months. If it's anything like the time Maggs went away to Guatemala, things will quickly go south: within days we all go bonkers and start crying on MUNI daily; bitter fueds erupt; someone gets knocked up. I fall under the spell of Dr. Joycechild, who will then form a dangerous dream-based cult and leave me an empty shell of a person. By the time Erica returns I will no longer be able to talk casually about normal stuff like TV or Jackie Warner. Actually, I reference the fact that I don't own a TV at least twice during every conversation. I ascribe to a vague, bastardized Eastern worldview and speak in a baby voice.


How to lure Erica home early? We struck the following deal: E comes home if LL Cool JCL learns to jump into the splits, or if I teach myself Cantonese. We could easily make this happen!!

Judging by Erica's first email--in which she compares walking around Bangkok to tripping on Ecstasy--she seems to be liking it so far. But we so miss her!

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