Friday, March 9, 2007

Ladies Make Some Nooooooiiiiiiiiise!

Gentle Readers,

I JUST found out that today is International Women's (Girl's) Day. Fuck! And the day is like, half over already. We need to celebrate women today. So tonight, instead of toasting the Global Community as per usual--toast Womankind. Toast deserve it. You have come a long way!

I'm only being halfassedly sarcastic. I'm actually kinda flabbergasted that there is an International Women's Day. Are there any females out there who feel good about this, or who feel anything other than some combination of apathy and puzzlement? I don't get it...

You know, being a Wo-MAN ain't easy, but it ain't that bad either in this playground of wealth and liberty we call the U.S. and A. You can dress up like a Pussycat Doll and threaten to steal everyone's boyfriend and defend it with "feminist principles". You can be Starhawk (see yesterday's post) and defend it with feminist principles. You can more or less be whatever the hell you want and link it somehow to this amorphous notion of feminism.

This calls for futher discussion. But unfortunately I am using this Crapple laptop of mine that shuts down all the time and I also can't post the pics I want to. So, I'm gonna end here and finish later when i'm using a better comp.

Until then...



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Liz said...

say it loud and say it proud! we women make it ROUND!